Do Babies Prefer Tastes They Experience In The Womb?

Do babies prefer tastes they experience in the womb?


There is a growing body of research showing most of our food preferences are learned before birth.  Studies show that babies swallow more amniotic fluid when it tastes sweet then when it is bitter or sour.  During pregnancy, what a women eats is easily detected in her amniotic fluid, and the fetus develops a taste for familiar flavors.  Babies taste buds develop around week 15 of pregnancy, and can sample different flavors from the mother’s diet.  Evidence suggest that a pregnant women’s diet can shape the baby for good or for ill.

Having a healthy baby is a priority and may change the lifestyles of many mothers once becoming pregnant.  Through research, tests, and studies, we can learn to enjoy most foods through repeated exposure.  I believe the fetus can taste and prefer flavors in the womb, and it would benefit by eating healthy food daily.  Eating healthy food during pregnancy may help wean a baby on to nutritious grow up foods and have better habits from the beginning.

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