The Top Reasons Your Body is Imbalanced and How to Fix It

The Top Reasons Your Body is Imbalanced and How to Fix It


There are many things that make our bodies get completely out of whack…some of them being…

-)Hormone Changes

-)Toxins in the Environment and in our food




Hormones can take a healthy body and feel as if you are being destroyed…Not fun at all…

-it can throw your Epinephrine and Norepinephrine levels off which regulate your energy response and your mental focus…. Your mood can change, it may affect your memory, the blood flow to your brain, Slow down your neurotransmitters and the list goes on…


Toxins like Heavy metals, Added Sugars, Dyes, Preservatives, Excitotoxins, House hold cleaning products, and the environment all cause Imbalances in the body


Stress depletes our neurotransmitter stores causing many challenges in the way we deal with everyday life.  Emotional trauma, Daily stressors, and personal issues may start to feel too heavy to deal with.  You may noticed that your response to these situations isn’t like it used to be….life you can’s handle life anymore and it’s always something… The feeling of doom!…:(



-Adapting a better way of living through simple diet changes and moving more will get your body on the right path to regaining your health and control in your life.

-Start to develop a pattern before bed to relax the body and mind and prepare if for rest and sleep that it needs.

-Low Neurotransmitters means a lack of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals….

Make sure you are getting enough Minerals like magnesium

Enough vitamins like Vitamin C and B6

Tyrosine, Tryptophan and Phenylalanine

Glycine, Glutamine and proper sources of Glutamate


-Get test done to check your hormones

Saliva Test

Urine Test

Blood Test


-Some Supplements that may help

Gaba and L-theanine can be helpful for anxiety, anxiousness ADD/ADHD and have a calming effect to help you sleep without having the hangover feeling in the morning and eliminates the (monkey mind) feeling


5HTP Makes Serotonin and also can be used for anxiety, depression and have an all over calming affect.


Teas that Support Sleep should contain Chamomile, passion flower, skullcap, hops and Valerian. (if you have trouble sleeping, check for high cortisol levels


Learn to keep track of your hormones and any imbalances that may be affecting your brain and nervous system which are the primary controllers of behavior.

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