Top 10 Tips for Raising a Healthy Child

Top 10 Tips for Raising a Healthy Child

The #1 cause of death in America are Obesity related diseases, and childhood obesity is the number one disease in our country.  The very sad thing about this is, it is also the most preventable.

This is not a focus on size, appearance or a number but rather a focus on what is happening to our children internally.

Where do you begin to keep your child from being a statistic?  And how do you start reversing and bettering a situation before the list of problems start adding up?….Take these tips to Immunize your child against the current epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, mood and behavior disorders, learning disabilities and even cancer.

I am on a mission to help eliminate some worry for all the mothers out there who bust their butts and do the best they can everyday to be Superwomen and raise their kids to be happy healthy and one day independent…. If there is anything you can do to give them a great head start, its teaching them these 10 Happy Healthy Habits as soon as possible….its never too late to start, so don’t hesitate and start now!!…

Learn these Extremely Beneficial Healthy Habits and incorporate them into you and your child’s life.


  1. Feed your child “Happy” Carbs…. “Lean carb” .. complex carb

-meaning foods that contain carbs along with friends…. Containing fiber and protein as well

-these carbs have a better nutritional value as opposed to empty carbs… “sad carbs with no friends”… which brings me to #2

  1. Watch for mindless munching!!… Empty sad carbs forget to tell our belly that we are full and trick our brain into thinking we need more and more…a child occupied watching TV or anything else distracting them should try to be eliminated when eating. We need to teach them to enjoy food in a healthy way and understand the way they feel when they eat certain foods. Mindless munching leads to over eating.
  2. Protein Packed…

-when foods contain higher amounts of protein it slows the rate of carb absorption into the blood stream.  This keeps the sugars balanced and also unlikely for a child to overeat high protein foods.

Some examples of foods containing healthy protein are..


-beans, legumes                                              -lean meat                          -fish like salmon, tuna(?)

-nuts and seeds                                                                -natural peanut butter, almond butter

-organic or local range free eggs                -quinoa


  1. Away with Bad Fat and increase the Right Fat…

-start baking or broiling instead of frying….

-use olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil

-trim the fat from poultry

-stay away from Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils and HFCS


  1. Fiber fills the belly

-fiber is not fattening, yet it is filling and takes up a lot of room in your belly

-our bodies are not capable of breaking down fiber, there for fiber is calorie free!!

-increasing the fiber in your child’s diet will absorb water and stay in the belly longer, keeping them full longer

Examples…. More fruits and vegetables containing the skins…. The skins hold the fiber and make the fruit or vegetable nutrient dense.   These are Happy Carbs with Friends…. Fiber is friends with Carb.

….. also 100 percent whole grains… organic oats…


  1. Teach your child to be a Grazer…

-downsize servings of meals…small changes=big fat loss

-eat more small meals throughout the day, keeps their blood sugar stable and helps from getting over hungry and over eating.

-grazing can encourage more variety of food options


  1. SLOW DOWN….

-teach your child to eat slowly…explain that they are helping out their body and their belly when they can chew many times before they swallow.  Ask them if they can chew 10 times after each bite!

-eating fast keeps a child from allowing his body to tell him when he is full and responding to the feeling.   Learning how they feel is very important…. Also learning how different foods can make them feel.


  1. Increase your childs movement and Play….

-Sitting around all day makes us all sluggish and keeps our bodies from functioning properly…

-movement and play time kicks in those Happy Hormones and stimulates the mind and body.

-it makes for a better digestive system and can improve their sleep and focus.

-Plus… it burns calories and creates muscles!…Muscles burn more calories and help from getting injuries.


  1. Cut down on the Fast Food Stops!!

-There are many reasons we should not feed our kids or ourselves fast food

-FAST is right… meaning cheap… cheap trans fat oils, added cheap ingredients that add to our waist.

-Fast food does not allow a parent a way of regulating consumption of bad ingredients that can be causing a world of problems.  For example… all the Exitotoxins, multiple MSG containing ingredients, aspartame, trans fats, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Dyes and Colorings, Natural and Atificial Flavors and colors, and the list goes on…. Check out my blog on #all the ingredients behind Disease

I know at times there seem to be no other option….. also have a blog to help choose better items and what to stay away from at your local fast food stops… #.. also contains a list of HAPPY PACKS on the go to help eliminate fast foods visits.




  1. Reap what you sew!…Be a Healthy Example for your child…. Live by these rules, feel the difference..

-this makes the process of teaching your child and expectance so much easier and increases positive outcomes in the whole family..

-make it a family, or team effort

-be open to some changes in your own life and let your child see that.

-when children see their parents caring about their health and watch them making changes they will be more open to change themselves.


-Team Work… Goals…. =Happy Healthy…… shake up health!!… J

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