Stop the Worry!!!

Stop the Worry….


Physical Symptoms of worrying can include…

-Pounding heart (palpitations)


-stomach upset of dizziness

-frequent urination or diarrhea

-shortness of breath

-tremors and twitches

-muscle tension





Emotional Symptoms include…

-Feeling like life is on top of you

-Thinking you need to put on a different façade in front of others

-feeling of apprehension or dread

-anticipating the worst in all situations

-having trouble concentrating

-feeling tense

-Visioning terrible things are going to happen to you



-feeling like you are losing your mind and you are blank



-Learn relaxation techniques

-meditation, yoga, deep breathing, exercise

-understand your triggers

-try relaxation techniques when they develop


Take care of yourself

-follow a whole food diet and exercise regimen

-ask for help when you need it

-no one will frown at you for asking help with all the things that always need to be done.


Try to limit negative thoughts

-keep a diary, write them down….

-when you notice a negative thought try to redirect it.

-Put yourself in others shoes

-think about a friend coming to you feeling this way… what would you do to help and listen to your own advice


You Time

-set aside at least 10 min everyday just for yourself…(even if its going to the bathroom)


Practice acceptance

-there are times in life that you have no control over your situation….sometimes you just have to except and move forward.


Step away from the computer or phone…

-do not internet diagnose.. read a little then don’t take it too far…. Know your limit and how to separate what information is beneficial and what is not.


Get good amounts of sleep

-If you are not sleeping well at night a world of health issues can arise…. Sleep is crucial to your health and well being.

-learn to get into a healthy before bed pattern to help you wind down

-keep a notebook and pen next to the nightstand and anything bothering you in your sleep or a thought or something u forgot about..write it down…get it out of your head and let it go until morning



-group therapy, exercise groups, girls night out, self care night (skin regimen, detox bath, stretch   and read)

-relaxation therapy

-nightly routine


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